How To Design an Apartment Office That Inspires Productivity for the Remote Worker

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Lindsey Mohamed


interior designer // owner

Lindsey Mohamed

Featured in Apartment Guide’s article on How to Design an Apartment Office

Keep your workspace clutter-free by incorporating organizers like file cabinets, desk trays, and shelves. Utilize these tools to streamline workflow and maintain a tidy environment.

Lindsey Mohamed with Cadwell & Co. recommends “adding a hutch that can hide all the office supplies” and double as a decorative piece and as storage for other personal belongings.

Full Statement from Lindsey with cadwell & Co.

“The vision for an apartment home office would be blending functionality and the feeling of home. Whether you have a small corner space or a full room, making it productive and inspiring is key. We always feel that a mix of modern and traditional are a good place to start. If you have a full room, add built-ins for storage and paint in a dark color to set the mood; adding to that with textiles, decor, furniture, and lighting for functionality. If you’re working with a small space, try adding a hutch that can hide all the office supplies, layer in artwork and decor with a smaller desk window side to bring focus to the space.” 

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