SB9: CA's new "Urban lot split"

SB9, better known as the California Housing Opportunity and More Efficiency (HOME) Act, is a CA state law that allows property owners the ability to split their residential lot into two individual lots and build two units on each property. As a result, eligible properties under SB9 that originally had only allowed for one residence can now build up to four units.

This state law has dramatically opened the door for individuals to maximize a property’s potential in buying that first home, adding additional housing for family members, or creating passive rental income. However, SB9 hasn’t seen the expected use statewide as expected. This is primarily attributable to the lack of knowledge and understanding in the marketplace about SB9. We, on the other hand, are very familiar with SB9. If you’re interested in more info on SB9, contact us today to discuss in more detail and determine if your property is eligible. 

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